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The Future

The original Rugby Radio Station site with its sprawling fields of radio masts occupied land on both sides of the A5 Watling Street and sat within both Warwickshire and Northamptonshire. The land is designated as brownfield due to its former industrial use and has therefore been used by both local authorities as key locations for development and to contribute to the growth of Rugby and Daventry. Northamptonshire used its part of the radio station land to expand the Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal and a third phase has just begun.

On the Warwickshire side of the A5, this saw Rugby Borough Council allocate the land in their Local Plan as a site capable of delivering much-needed largescale housing for the growing town. The urban extension, known as RadioStation Rugby, will be a 6,200 home development with new schools, local centres, health provision, businesses and will include a new link road connection the development into the town. The development is called Houlton, reflective of its heritage, and the first phase is underway on the east of the site. The next 15-20 years will see the whole site developed out and a vibrant new community created.

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