Malcolm Hancock

Malcolm lives locally in Hillmorton and has been working with Urban&Civic for since 2015, helping to develop their heritage work.

Malcom joined Post Office Telecommunications as an Apprentice in 1964, he spent 38 years working on the site. Based for more than 30 years in C Building, he took on various roles, heading up engineering and retiring from BT and his position as Station Manager in 2002.

During his career and following his retirement, Malcolm studied the history of the station dating back to the early 1920s, before the station was built and when long wave transmission technology was born. He has tracked the years, the advances and the stories from within Rugby Radio Station and is the country's leading historian on the site.

The content for this website has been compiled by Malcolm for the RadioStation Rugby partnership, from his personal archives and with extracts from his book A History of  Rugby Radio Station, which will be published later in 2016.

Malcolm Hancock

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