While we’re looking to the future with the Urban Extension at the old Rugby Radio Station site, we want future residents to be able to look back and be proud of the incredible heritage of the place where they’ve chosen to live.

One of the most obvious ways to fly the flag for the development’s heritage, is in its name. As you can imagine, with Rugby Radio Station being such a key site in the world of global communications, there was plenty of history to take inspiration from.

The name that stood out as the most fitting was Houlton. In 1927, the first public transatlantic telephone service from the UK to the US, was routed via Rugby to the receiving station in Houlton, Maine. As well as celebrating this momentous occasion in history, it’s worth noting how well the name Houlton fits with other districts of Rugby such as Hillmorton, Clifton and Bilton. It’s almost as if their connection was meant to be.

We’re looking forward to seeing Houlton develop and become an integral part of the town.

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