Opening by Captain Wake-walker

The official opening ceremony for the new GBR transmitter took place on 30th November 1966. After speeches from Mr C W Sowton, Staff Engineer of the Post Office External Telecommunications Executive and Mr H Stanesby, Assistant Engineer-in-Chief of the Post Office, Captain CBH Wake-Walker, Director of Naval Signals delivered a speech and then pressed the transmitter’s ‘start’ button.

With the transmitter in action, short messages were sent out. First a short message in hand Morse. Then the transmission of teleprinter signals using Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) and a short period of Time Signal pulses. After the closing speech by Mr Eric Seager, Area Engineer (Central Group) and a brief tour of the equipment, lunch was served in the ‘B’ Building.

Speeches Cpt Wake-Walker RN (30/11/66) Source: BT

03 Speeches  Cpt CBH Wake-Walker RN
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