The Long Wave Telephony Transmitter

Right from the opening of the GBR service at Rugby Radio Station, there was intense speculation in the press about the possibility of ‘transatlantic telephony’ as, at that time, it was impossible to telephone any further than the near continent.

Installation of the station’s much anticipated Long Wave Transatlantic Telephony Transmitter was undertaken by the Weston Electric Company, in co-operation with the American Telephone & Telegraph Company. The large and powerful transmitter was installed in the Valve Room which was situated at the north end of the Transmitter Hall.

On Sunday 7th February 1926, the first successful test call was carried out between Rugby and Long Island, New York. Though the test was successful, the service was still in its experimental stages and considerable work was required before a fully-functioning public service could be launched.

GBT Telephony Transmitter Source: BT

8908 GBT Telephony Transmitter
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